Princes Villa was formed in 1982 with a team of Under 12's being submitted into the Ellesmere Port Junior – League. The club was run on the basis of giving a few lads a game of football at first. Princes Villa F.C. owe a great deal to the Davies Family, as it was the family that really started the ball rolling so to speak. I would like to mention Alfie, his Wife Annette, Son Robin, Daughter Wendy, Mark Gooding, John Rowlands and Billy Whitfield who really did dedicate a great deal of time and effort into shaping this club into what it has become today.

The club soon expanded into three teams, Under 12’s, 14’s and 16’s all challenging for honours in the Port League. Success came fairly quickly when the club won the National Police 5-aside competition.

After a few years of continued stability the clubs fortunes began to slip and it seen the clubs most barren spell that seen the sides struggle to compete within the league and it was fair to say that there was need for a change in the way the club developed.


It was in 1991 that John Rowlands took up the reigns as Club Secretary. John also recruited a gentleman by the name of Billy Whitfield, who it has to be said, the two of them made a fantastic team in their very own and very different ways. John brought the club up to speed on the administrationl side of running a football club and Billy had the coaching brains to realise that there was more to this than just turning up on a Sunday and playing a match.


It all came to a head when, after the clubs biggest record defeat to the hands of the successful Birkett Rovers F.C., Billy and John took the decision that more coaches needed to be recruited and also that a different style of management was required. A number of people then joined, Chris Armstrong, Myself (Steve Burgess) Dave- Jobber and so on…

Billy had realised that there was a need to start recruiting players under the age of 11, so with that, we formed an Under 9’s team and also held a regular Saturday lunch time training session that then gave the club a huge source of income every week and also allowed us to look at players and invite them to join the club. This really took off and it didn’t take other clubs long to realise that they too had to do the same otherwise Princes Villa would leave them standing.


 The club then went on for quite a few years to be extremely successful and in that time, formed Ellesmere Port Mini Soccer League, as John Rowlands had the idea of forming a league to allow all the local teams the opportunity to have more structured matches each week with the emphasis on fun and enjoyment.

Throughout all the above, the club has seen alot of people come and go, but there have been certain individuals who have been unbelievable in their service and dedication to the Club. Rose Hughes, Alan and Ethel Woodock do deserve tremendous credit for continuing long after their sons have finished their playing careers.

I took up the reigns of Secretary in 1999 and have gone on to become Club Chairman, with great additions along the way of the likes of Cath (Secretary) & Duncan Barlow (Head Coach), Milburn Patterson and Andy Smith, to name just a few!

All that remains to be said is that the club has continued to grow and has moved with the times and I am proud of the history and the present and hope that the next 30 Years are filled with the same dedication and commitment from people to ensure this great club remains where it belongs – at the top!

Steve Burgess, Club Chairman