1. Children must provide the appropriate clothing. Football boots for grass, Training shoes for hard surfaces, Shin Pads (no shin pads no play) and a Filled water bottle.

2. Children must turn up at least ten minutes before training and thirty Minutes before a match.

3. Players or Parents must inform Manager or Assistant Manager well in advance if they are going to be absent or late.

4. Players are expected to show positive attitudes, and to follow directions given by Coaches or Manager.

5. Players must be courteous and polite at all times towards Team Mates, Opponents, Coaches and Manager, Referees and officials.

6. No Swearing, Spitting, Name Calling or Racist Remarks.

7. Children must show respect for the facilities and the equipment they use. All players will be expected to help set up and clear away equipment.

8. At the end of a match all players must shake hands and thank the referee and officials.

9. Parents please support the team. Cheer and root for all the players in the team. Only look for the good things your child did in the game or practice. Praise them about it on the way home and remind them of it and on the way to their next game.

10. Let the Children Play, Coaches Coach, Referees Ref and the manager pick the team.